unisonIQ is not just a technology company; we are your partners in navigating the complex journey of digital transformation. specializing in computer vision, AI technologies, we provide scalable and customizable solutions that drive operational excellence and unlock unprecedented efficiencies for your business.

operational excellence

tailoring technology to meet your needs

every business is unique, and so are its challenges. that’s why at unisonIQ, we offer customized solutions designed to address your specific requirements. from custom object detection to personalized data analytics, we have the expertise and technology to create tailored solutions that align with your business goals.

tailoring technology to meet your needs
empowering Industries through smart computer vision

empowering industries through smart computer vision

the industrial landscape is evolving, and so should your approach. our computer vision technologies are engineered to seamlessly integrate into industrial workflows, providing capabilities like quality control, predictive maintenance, and automated sorting. streamline your operations and gain unparalleled insights with our advanced solutions designed for the industrial sector.

elevating retail experiences with intelligent vision

elevating retail experiences with intelligent vision

unisonIQ transforms the retail ecosystem through data-driven insights. utilizing cutting-edge AI algorithms, our solutions automate inventory management and optimize stock levels in real-time. further, our advanced shoplift detection technology ensures a safer, more secure retail environment. with unisonIQ, bring the future of retail to your fingertips.

next-gen surveillance: safer, smarter, more secure

step into the future of surveillance with unisonIQ. our systems are engineered to automatically track new vehicles entering a locality and alert security personnel about unfamiliar or suspicious activity. not only that, our audio detection capabilities can alert you to specific sounds, like glass breaking or raised voices, providing a level of safety and assurance that’s second to none.


secure role-based access

at unisoniq, we prioritize not just innovation, but integrity too. our secure role-based access ensures the right people have the right access, safeguarding sensitive information while maintaining your organizational integrity. trust us, your data’s in safe hands, and visible only to the eyes that need to see it.

secure role based access
natural language reporting

natural language reporting

speak the language you know, and we’ll translate it into the insights you need. our natural language reporting feature allows you to query your data conversationally. just shoot us a verbal or written request, and consider your detailed reports generated. so go ahead, chat with your data, and let us do the talking.

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